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What is the essential difference between a gasoline pump and a fuel pump?

Many people don’t know what is the difference between a gasoline pump and a fuel pump. Some people will enter a misunderstanding and feel that there is no difference between the two. In fact, they are all pumping gasoline from the fuel tank on the gasoline engine. The fuel injection pump is the pump of the diesel engine. The fuel delivery pump pumps the diesel out of the fuel tank on the diesel engine. The fuel injection pump pressurizes the diesel to supply fuel to the fuel injector at a fixed time. The oil pump pumps the lubricating oil from the oil pan. .

The functions of the two are different. The gasoline pump is an electric pump that supplies gasoline to the engine inside the car's fuel tank. It is controlled by a computer and has a certain pressure when it works. The oil pump is inside the engine (in the oil pan). It is used for lubricating the engine oil and has a certain pressure. Oil transfer pump, it is used as a convenient way to pour liquid from one container to another. There are several types of pumps in automobiles, such as brake main pump, sub-cylinder, ABS brake pump, vacuum booster pump, air pump (electric door lock), air reduction pump (car shock absorption), etc. The fuel pump is referred to as the diesel pump, which is the high-pressure pump on the so-called diesel vehicle.

The main function of the gasoline pump installed in the fuel tank is to pump the oil in the fuel tank through the fuel pipe to the engine for combustion. The main function of the oil pump installed in the oil pan is to feed the oil pump from the oil pan into the main oil passage to provide lubrication to the various operating parts of the engine. Oil pumps generally do not need maintenance. Gasoline pumps can only be replaced when they are broken or the fuel supply pressure is low. Generally, only the gasoline grid needs to be replaced regularly.

The function of the gasoline pump is to supply gasoline to the fuel injector. The fuel injection nozzle is controlled by the computer to control the ignition of the lower fuel injection cylinder to produce explosive force output in the cylinder. Generally installed in a fuel tank. The oil pump supplies oil. Lubricate all parts of the engine. Reduce the wear of engine components. The cover on the oil bottom and the front oil seal of the crankshaft is generally used to transport fuel, which is diesel, while the oil pump transports oil, so the media delivered by the two are different.