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How to Replace Your Worn Out Fuel Pump

If you review our write-up entitled "Fuel System Diagnosis" then you have actually come to the verdict that you need to change your fuel pump( F.P). Replacing the F.P on your own can conserve you a great deal of money as substitute can obtain rather pricey. Some lorries enable access to the F.P from inside the passenger area while others call for getting rid of the entire storage tank, which is extra difficult yet still convenient.

To complete this job you'll require a fundamental set of tools including, yet not limited to a jack, jack stands, cog, sockets, Philips head screwdriver, as well as flat head screwdriver. There are 2 areas to this write-up, the first is for in-vehicle access to the fuel pump as well as the 2nd is for out of car access. Allow's start!

In-Vehicle access to F.P (easily accessible in cabin location):.

Just how do I recognize if my vehicle has in cabin gain access to?

Typically talking, a lot of sedans as well as coupes have in cabin gain access to while a lot of SUV's as well as vehicles require total removal of the gas tank.

Remove back seat. Some seats have tabs that you can pull on to unlock the seat as well as get rid of, while others call for that you make use of a ratchet with a lengthy expansion to go with the groove of the seat and get rid of 2 bolts holding the seat to the body.

2. As soon as you have the seat eliminated you will certainly see a square cover directly in the middle of where the seat was. There are 4 screws holding this coveron; eliminate them.

3. Currently you can see the F.P setting up with the lines and also electric adapters linked. Eliminate the electric connectors initially and also crank the car 2-3 times for approximately 5 seconds. What this does is eliminate gas system pressure to make sure that it doesn't spray everywhere.

4. Detach fuel lines.

5. Eliminate screws holding fuel pump assembly in position.

6. Remove the F.P as well as quickly place in a container (inside the vehicle so gas doesn't leak on the indoor carpets).

7. Remove F.P from F.P setting up as well as replace with the brand-new one.

8. Area the F.P setting up back in the F.P and also tighten up all screws or bolts holding it down. Re-connect electric connectors and also gas lines.

9. Mount F.P cover. Mount seat.

10. Done!

Out of vehicle access to fuel pump (container should be gotten rid of):.

1. Jack the car and also position on jack stands as well as separate the gas filler from the gas storage tank.

2. Drain the container by removing the drain plug. After that remove one of the lines and also drainpipe into a drain bucket, if your tank has no drainpipe plug.

3. Eliminate all lines to and from storage tank.

4. Area a jack below gas storage tank as well as jack up to tank however do not put any type of stress on the storage tank.

5. Eliminate the metal bands holding the storage tank to the vehicle body.

6. Gradually reduced the jack making sure that all lines are detached. Place tank in an ideal location to function.

7. Get rid of the screws or bolts holding the F.P assembly to the fuel container. Take the fuel pump assembly out of the fuel container.

8. Change F.P with new pump. Re-install fuel pump assembly and tighten.

9. Put the gas storage tank back on the jack as well as jack the tank up as well as install the metal straps that hold the container in place.

10. Re-connect all fuel lines. Reduced lorry.

11. Done!

Warnings/Tips: The gas system is under a lot of stress. Most lorries are just ranked at about 50psi yet some newer vehicles have straight shots, which has stress upwards of 2000psi. Make certain to ease gas system pressure before servicing the fuel system to prevent injury. Use proper attire and also safety glasses.