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How many different installation position for fuel filter?How often do you change the gasoline filter?

Several installation positions for fuel filters:

The location of the fuel filter depends on the type of vehicle. Generally speaking, there are two types of gasoline filters depending on the installation location, one is built-in and installed in the gasoline pump assembly, which is more widely used in Japanese and French cars, and the other is installed outside the fuel tank, which is more commonly used in European and American models.

How often do you change the gasoline filter?

The replacement interval of the gasoline filter has a lot to do with the quality of the gasoline, a good fuel has less impurities and the filter gets dirty slower, if you add substandard oil, the impurities will be more and the filter will get dirty very quickly, in the old days, when you change the fuel filter in your car, it is usually 30,000 to 50,000 kilometers, however, nowadays most of the models are recommended to be changed once every 20,000 kilometers.

The most direct way to determine if a fuel filter needs to be replaced is to perform a fuel pressure test, how much PSI is produced by the fuel pump on the fuel rail, a faulty fuel filter will reduce the pressure produced, the normal pressure for a fuel injected vehicle is around 30 to 60 PSI.

Failure to replace this filter when needed can lead to severe vehicle instability, the fuel filter will eventually clog and not do its intended job. External filters are constructed differently than internal filters and have a relatively short life span. The built-in gasoline filter, on the other hand, has a very long service life and does not need to be considered for replacement after about 100,000 kilometers. So no matter where your fuel filter is located, keeping a close eye on changing it is vital to ensuring the reliability of your vehicle.

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